Robert MacDougall, Quantivly’s co-founder and VP Product and Customer Success, discusses how AI and digital twins will radically reshape the way radiology leaders manage operations.  Robert discusses what makes Quantivly unique by using AI not for clinical diagnosis, but for radiology operations.  Listen here or on your favorite podcast app!

About Quantivly

Quantivly’s mission is to help radiology leaders increase access to imaging for the population,
achieve operational excellence, and deliver on the promise of patient-centered healthcare.
Quantivly is an engineering-first software company with a founding team that combines deep
domain knowledge and world-class software engineering. Quantivly has an ambitious vision to help radiology leaders apply an engineering mindset to radiology operations by shifting from a
reactive to a predictive approach with data-informed strategies. With Quantivly’s Digital Twin,
leaders can observe, measure, simulate, and optimize radiology operations in software, without
the need for ad-hoc, expensive real-world experimentation.

Quantivly is an internationally recognized, venture-backed company headquartered in
Somerville, Massachusetts.

Contact info:


240 Elm St Fl2
Somerville, MA 02144