Day 3

Quantivly kicked off day three with lots of engaging meetings with users and colleagues, including interactive demos of our natural language interface to ask any questions of your operational data.  


From our Co-founder and CEO, Benoit Scherrer:


“The advances in Large Language Models (LLMs) have unlocked a huge opportunity to democratize access to data. Traditionally, extracting information from data was the domain of specialized, technical scientists writing complex SQL queries. Now, this barrier is dismantled. With our layer built on top of LLMs, anyone can ask questions of the data in simple English and receive answers within seconds. .  Our unified data layer and digital twin put us in a perfect position to take advantage of this generative AI revolution. 


Day 2

Brian Casey of The Imaging Wire stopped by our booth to discuss Quantivly’s Digital Twin of Radiology Operations and Smart Recommendation Engine with our Co-founder and Chief Product and Customer Officer, Bobby MacDougall. 


Watch the interview here


Day 1

Quantivly kicked off day 1 in the exhibit hall (Booth #3959, South Hall, AI Showcase), with a flurry of activity and discussions with partners and providers trying to solve their most pressing operations challenges.


From Quantivly’s Co-founder and Chief Product and Customer Officer, Bobby MacDougall:


“The feedback on our Smart Recommendation Engine has been extremely positive.  We took a bet last year that our partners want to go beyond visualizing data: they need specific insights surfaced and interventions proposed automatically to drive operational excellence.  That bet paid off and we’re very eager to see results in the wild as partners adopt this new technology.”


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