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The digital twin of radiology operations

Our mission is to increase access to imaging for the population, help radiology leaders achieve operational excellence, and deliver on the promise of patient-centered healthcare. To achieve our mission, we are building the digital twin of radiology operations so you can finally ask questions of your data, measure performance in real-time, and test different operational scenarios in-silico.

Our prediction? Radiology operations will be radically reshaped in the next 5 years.

Hours of scanner time made freed up with Digital Twin optimization

Exams processed with the Quantivly harmonization engine (TM)

The problem Quantivly solves

Can you capture the details of your imaging workflow?

Medical imaging hardware is expensive – up to $4M per MRI scanner. Yet it’s so difficult to know how well an imaging department performs, e.g.:

  • How many exams start on time?
  • How much time is wasted between patients? between images?
  • How long do imaging protocols truly take?

We call this the Operational Black Hole. And because of it, it is very hard to monitor operations, identify bottlenecks, make data-driven decisions, and evaluate the impact of interventions.

Everybody wins with better workflows

Better workflows lead to increased access to medical imaging for the population, reduced patients’ stay, lowered staff stress as people know what to expect, and allows imaging facilities to capture more profits. For example, one additional MRI patient per day is about +$150k-$300k /MRI scanner /year. But without access to operational data, it is not easy to know where to start.

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it"
– Peter Drucker

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How Quantivly solves the operational black hole

We unlock data to answer your questions

We built a software platform that extracts, cleans, and harmonizes the information from imaging device data and scheduling data, and builds a unified ontology. It is vendor agnostic, fully queryable, and extendable. You can finally replace gut feeling with data and start understanding

  • Why is scanner 3 always running behind ?
  • Why are some technologists more agile than others ?
  • How does imaging duration compares to slot size?

Start asking "What if?"

From data to a digital twin of radiology operations

Unlocking data was just the first step. We are now using artificial intelligence (AI) to assimilate it, interpret it, and build prediction models to help you manage your operations. Our simulation engine will allow you to replace expensive and impractical experimentations in the real world with numerical simulations. You can start asking “What if?” and evaluate operational scenarios in-silico, so you can find the right solution for your department without disrupting your workflow or compromising patient care.

Who is Quantivly built for?

Leaders can be anywhere in an organization. We built Quantivly for all data-driven leaders that want to understand and transform their radiology operations with data, wherever they are.

Trusted by leading institutions

We work with leading institutions to transform their radiology operations and achieve operational excellence.