Professional Services and Customer Success

Our customer success team strives to avoid “analysis paralysis” by helping you use your data to answer your questions, uncover actionable insights, and continuously monitor the most critical metrics.

Custom queries and visualization

We help you answer your operational questions

We don’t leave you alone with your data by “throwing data over the fence”, but instead work with you to create queries and custom visualizations that help you answer the questions you care about. We can help you perform a one-time analysis, or create a dashboard for ongoing monitoring of critical KPIS’s.

We train you for success

Training tailored to the needs of your institution

We create and deliver a bespoke training program depending on the resources of your institution.

  • We train data analysts on SQL, GraphQL and our data schema.
  • We help you to integrated existing tools – Tableau, Cliqview, etc..
  • Interactive product tours and walkthroughs
  • Onboarding of new staff