The Quantivly API + SDK

We support researchers, developers, and third parties looking to build applications powered by Quantivly’s data layer. We spent 3+ years to get it right by abstracting away machine/vendor complexity and adding new concepts so you don’t need to re-invent the whole stack.

We feed the metadata supply chain

Researcher API

We make accessing data easy and fast with our blazing fast database. We provide a full data schema so you can quickly access data via API in order to:
-Add context to data – -Davis and Goliath
-Curate training, testing, validation data sets for ML/AI
-Query historical data for exploratory data analysis (EDA)
-Be alerted to studies that match technical and demographic criteria

Build on Quantivly

Developer SDK

We are an engineering first data and software company. I addition to providing users with direct access to our database for data analytics, our SDK can be used by application developers wishing to build on the Quantivly data layer. Don’t worry about continuous data cleaning, harmonization, and assimilation – by leaving that to use you can focus on building applications that deliver real value to customers.